You have to find yourself

” You have to find yourself , you haven´t been yourself for a long time now”

  That´s what my mum said to me the other day. And I actually do agree with her. I haven´t been the happy, chatty , bubbly me in awhile. Most of all it has been about my work situation, or the lack of…

I live in a tiiiiiny village , on a tiiiiiiny island far out in the Mediterranean sea. Ah, you know where it is hot and sunny and people drink mojito´s on the beach all day. It is all so , so , SO fantastic!!! Or not ! I mean in all fairness , it used to be. There used to be work. There used to be opportunities. But times have changed.

So here I am trying to figure out. What to do?  Where to go?follow-dream

And that is actually a bit scary.

I mean , I have worked all my life. From delivering newspapers when I was 14 till being a television host.  And then I was made redundant and moved abroad to a job in the tourist industry.

Where there is work , you go ! Right ?

Or have the world changed so much that we can work from wherever we are or want to be? Is that even realistic? Is it really possible to work online? Do you actually get paid trough online work ?

I know where I want to be, but unfortunatly there are no unicorns here to lead the way.




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