Oh My!

I honestly can´t believe that I am really doing this. After 3-4 years of thinking about it, I finally got the courage to start my own blogg. I have been writing for others for a while, but there is something intimidating starting for yourself. Not only has it been a lot to think about regarding setting this blogg up on a personal plan, but all the details around it. The name, platform, layout, purpose…and on and on … I will make an own post for that later on 🙂

A couple of weeks ago I saw this film called The C-Word. If you haven`t seen it , I shall not reveal too much. But to put it short it is a story about a woman who started to blogg  when she got cancer. The blogg ” Alright Tit – by Lisa Lynch ” , then spawned the book The C-Word and now the movie. I laughed and cried trough the whole film. It is brilliant. Right after, I went online found the blogg and laughed and cried again. Her writing is brilliant, her family is brilliant. I cried even more when I read that she lost her battle against what she just called “the bullshit”. Her legacy continues and I believe she will continue helping and inspiring people around the world.

She made me think about my own life.

How we take things for granted. How we don´t appreciate the small things in life. We don´t love  and live enough. We worry too much.

Live, enjoy, appericiate, love and be grateful. Yeas, life can be hard. But it can also be beautiful .

In all social-media people like, share and post “life/wisdom -quotes ” Maybe it is time to start living by them in real life? This-Is-Your-LIFE

Do you have a favourite quote ?




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